Byznys software, s.r.o. and Byznys ERP

Byznys software, founded in 1991 as J.K.R., is a leading Czech supplier of enterprise information systems. Its ERP system Byznys has been successfully deployed by 1200 customers in Czechia and Slovakia. With an annual turnover of around EUR 3 million, Byznys software is among the largest enterprise software developers in both countries.

Byznys is one of the most advanced and most widely used ERP systems for medium and large organizations. Its versatility, range of functionality and exceptionally wide customization capabilities make it an excellent tool for management of business processes. Users of Byznys can be found in wide variety of industries.


For more information about Byznys ERP and our solutions please contact:

Byznys software, s.r.o.

Žižkova 708
261 01 Příbram
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 318 40 20 10
Fax: +420 318 40 20 90
Email: info@byznys.eu

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